20 Best Ways To Get Rid of Dust Mites Naturally

20 Best Ways To Get Rid of Dust Mites Naturally

To stay protected from offensive particles, our bodies rely on the immune system. Sneezing or coughing can act as a defense barrier to clear foreign substances from the body. These days, dust mites are a common allergen. Especially, allergy and asthma sufferers are frequently affected by indoor mites. So the question is how to get rid of dust mites? 

The presence of antigens (unknown foreign substances) in our body causes a runny nose, swelling of body parts such as the tongue, lips, eyes, face, throat, and ears. Besides, dust mites are present all year round, as we have to deal with them even in our living spaces.

Are you facing a dust mites problem and want to get rid of it? Then you are at the right place; this write-up is about the ways how you can get rid of dust mites. We will talk about all the possible dust-mite removal steps you should take to get rid of it.


What Are Dust Mites?

Dust mites are microscopic insects like pests that can cause an allergic reaction and asthma in many people. Your bedding, mattresses, carpets, or curtains can be a living place for thousands of these creatures. They are not parasites because dust mites don’t bite. They sting into our bodies and feed on dead human skin cells. It creates harmful allergen which comes from their fecal pellets. Dust mites can be detected in at least one bed in four out of five houses.

How To Get Rid of Dust Mites In House 

As you know, it is hard to find a single house that is out of dust mites. Although the fact is depressing, here some ways how you can eliminate dust mites are given below


Use Mattress Cover

Mattress, couches, carpets are the place of living dust mites. Therefore using a cover for the mattress creates a boundary between you and the dust mites.


Wash Linens

According to our research, dust mites can’t stay at a temperature over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, wash your linens at least once a week with hot water.


Freeze Linens

 Dust mites don’t like the cold, so place linens that you cannot wash or are currently not in use.


Replace Carpet

Carpeting is incredibly attractive to dust mites, whether it is in one room or the entire house. If you are allergic, you need to use linoleum, parquet, or even bamboo flooring instead of carpeting. 


Weekly Carpet Washes

Stopping your carpets is the best way to eliminate dust mites. But washing them weekly is an excellent way to keep the dust mite away.


Use Vacuum

Regular use of Vacuum can help you if you don’t have HEPA. In addition, you can vacuum cloth chairs, couches, and sofas dust mites like to hide out there, too.


Use a Dehumidifier 

Dust mites like moisture and humidity. For this reason, their presence peaks in the summer months. The less humid the air in your house, the fewer dust mites are likely to populate your home.


Use a HEPA

Because dust mites are so micro, they are easily suctioned into vacuum cleaners but quickly released into the air. HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters help to absorb the larger piece of dirt in your home. In addition, It also sucks up house dust mites and other microscopic bugs that may hang out. Using HEPA can ensure that the dust mites stay in the Vacuum and cannot come back out.


Move Your Bedroom or Home Office Upstairs

Sometimes, people convert their basements into bedrooms to maximize home space and make room for children or guests. Basement floors are made out of concrete and moist and damp, creating a breeding ground for house dust mites.


Use of Furniture 

Furniture made out of plastic, wood, leather, metal, or even glass is better at keeping dust mites away.


Install a Hygrometer

A hygrometer is a device to measure the humidity and moisture in the air. You can place it at any place on a flat surface anywhere in your home. Humidity below 55 percent is not suitable for the dust mites to sustain.


Remove Animal Staffs 

You have to replace feathers down the blanket and synthetically stuffed toys with more washable materials. Hence, you will be able to eliminate dust mites and dust mite allergens from your house.


Smoke Outdoors Only

Smoking poses many risks for your health. Smoking creates third-hand smoke, which is the smoke exhaled by smokers and combined with the dust particles and debris in the air.


Dust-mite Protectors On The Go

Use dust mite covers not only at home but also carry them with you when traveling outside. Wipe down covers of your mattress, pillows, and the dust-mite daily. This can help reduce the dust mite population from your house.


Let The Sun In

You can use the sun to expose sheets, pillowcases, and other cloth safely. As you can probably deduce, dust mites do not survive in sunlight.


Use a Steam Cleaner

For removing dust mites, you can use a steam cleaner. It is one of the most viable options you will find.  


Dry Clothing and Other Items

The dust mites are exposed to sunlight when you dry your household items outside. Indirect sunlight, dust mites are killed, so this is a very effective way to kill them.


Spray-On Surfaces

You can spray to kill dust mites on surfaces after wiping them down. It is a proven method for removing dust mites. 


Use Microfiber Rags 

These rags are good at absorbing dust and other dirt well. Nevertheless, if you wipe them back and forth, you cause them to release wiped-up material. 


Employ Desiccants

Desiccants are used to extract moisture and keep the bottle dry. Spread these packets and powders, considering the safety of children and animals, of course, to keep dust mites far away.




What Are The Symptoms of Dust Mite Allergies?

Sneezing, coughing, runny nose, red or watery eyes, nasal congestion are the symptoms of dust allergies.


Where Do Dust Mites Live?

Dust mites are tiny microscopic creatures generally found on mattresses, bedding, upholstered furniture, carpets, and curtains.


Why Do Dust Mites Make You Sick?

The immune system reacts to foreign substances such as pollen, pet dander, or dust mites. It releases proteins which are known as antibodies, that make us sick.


Final Thought 

90% of people encounter dust mites during their everyday lives. As we said, if you follow the tips, you can keep your house safe from dust mites. 

We hope this article will help in how you can get rid of dust mites allergies. If you find it worthy, you can share our guide with your parents and family who are facing dust mites problems too. Furthermore, if you have any other remedies to eliminate this problem, comment below and let us know. We will reach you with possible solutions as soon as possible. 


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