Yoga For Stress and Anxiety: 15 Poses For Every Day Use

Yoga For Stress and Anxiety: 15 Poses For Every Day Use

Physical exercise keeps our bodies strong, while psychological fitness keeps us in good mental health. Most people go through lots of work stress in their day-to-day life. However, in recent years an increasing number of studies suggest yoga can assist you with mental health issues. That’s why yoga for stress and anxiety has become an effective term nowadays. 

A study conducted at Harvard University found that yoga can boost feelings of calm and relaxation in people with generalized anxiety disorder compared with traditional education on stress management. 

You can use suitable yoga poses which have a significant impact on removing stress. Read the article to learn a few yoga styles that will help maintain your stress and anxiety issues. 


Yoga Poses For Stress and Anxiety

Several poses serve as medicine for anxiety. Let’s check these few poses that are effective in stress and anxiety-relieving. 


Butterfly Pose

The butterfly yoga pose is the most simple poster you can try. Keep your spine erect as you stretch your thighs and groin in this yoga asana (posture). Therefore, it can help you to release tension and have a mild effect on your body.


Cat Scratch Pose

In the cat scratch pose or cat-cow Pose, your body just formed a table. Where your hands and feet represent the legs of the table and look ahead straight, it helps relieve stress and menstrual pain and increase flexibility. 


Bridge Pose 

It is a strong inversion that creates room around your heart. It calms your brain, helps you focus on work, and reduces fatigue, backache, headache, insomnia, and anxiety. On the whole, this yoga pose is beneficial for your nervous system.


Child’s Pose

A child’s pose, or balasana, can be relaxing and reviving for the body. In this case, spread your knees wide, rest your belly between thighs, and forehead on the floor. Child’s Pose is a gentle stretch for hips, thighs, ankles and removes back pain. Moreover, this Pose can help with your anxiety and stress issues.


Bow Pose 

This bow pose gives an excellent stretch to your body. This Pose helps to release tension and open shoulders, chests, and the neck. 


Forward Bend (Standing)

Forward bending provides physical benefits to the neck and lowers the back, in particular. In addition, the forward bend will slow down the spinal nerves rejuvenated if you hold this Pose for two minutes or more.


Forward (Seated)

By doing seated forward bends, you can open the back of your legs and spine. While doing the Pose, deep breaths are required. Besides, it helps you to remove stress and anxiety in your life.


Camel Pose

You can increase your energy by bending back into the camel pose. Known for relieving stress and anxiety, this is a great technique. Keep in mind; however, you shouldn’t go too deep into the Pose if you are feeling a pinch or pain.


Tree Pose 

In Tree Pose, the legs become more robust, more balanced, and you feel centered, steady, and grounded.


Triangle Pose

It would be best to start in a standing position with your feet wider than your hips to practice yoga. You should hold this position for one minute in order to relieve yourself of anxiety and stress.


Dolphin Pose 

This pose boosts blood flow to the brain and improves concentration and awareness. You can use this Pose to solve your insomnia problem. 


Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose

The legs-up-the-wall Pose is one of the best poses because you can perform it anywhere from bed to outside. So if you feel stressed, jet-lagged, and exhausted, this Pose can be proved refreshing.


Fish Pose

Fish pose is another good pose to help you release any pent-up emotions. Yogis recommend practicing this Pose can build confidence and grow you emotionally.


Upward Salute 

The upward salute is commonly practiced during a sun salutation. Furthermore, it enables you to focus on your breathing while performing a series of moves that encourage flow.

As a result of its ability to allow your body to move freely, it helps relieve anxiety. The posture needs to be performed for 30 seconds with closed eyes to be fully effective.


Corpse Pose

The most popular yoga poses for reducing depression symptoms and reducing stress and anxiety is this pose. Despite its simplicity, this is a highly influential position. Most of the physical yoga sessions end with the Pose. It triggers the relaxation section of the body and makes your mind sound and calm.


Yoga For Stress and Anxiety: The Bottom Line

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These Yoga poses can help you relieve stress and anxiety, pick two or three that you prefer. Additionally, ensure that your practicing space is both comfortable and safe. The latest research on yoga for stress relief suggests benefits, but yoga is not for everyone.  Consequently, you should consult your doctor before taking up yoga or exercising. After all, if you need to learn the health benefits of yoga first. 

If you feel that yoga is causing you anxiety instead of relieving it, do not hesitate to notify us. 


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